Welcome to the Dollar-A-Day Automatic RECURRING Monthly Credit Card Donations Page
Use this page to sign up for the Dollar-A-Day club or set up other automatic monthly donations to the Sierra Oaks PTA that will be charged to your CREDIT CARD. IMPORTANT: All donations to Sierra Oaks PTA are securely encrypted so all of your financial data is SECURE. Furthermore, the Sierra Oaks PTA website directly interfaces with financial institutions so none of your financial data is ever seen or possessed by the Sierra Oaks PTA.
  • American Express
    Charges for PTA donations will execute automatically once a month beginning the day you sign up. So, for example, if you sign up on the 7th of the month the PTA will charge your card that day and on the 7th of each month following. You can cancel or modify your contribution preferences at any time by contacting the PTA at [email protected]